Laminate flooring is a type of floor covering which contains real wood that is covered with an artificial veneer. It is much more durable and easier to clean than actual wood floors, but it still requires a different type of care than hard tile or linoleum. Since it still contains real wood it will splinter and warp if you are not careful with it and clean it property. You will need to be gentle on your laminate wood flooring to make sure that you don't accidently damage it and you prevent stains from being ground into it.If you want to know more about this, check out Piso frio que imita madeira

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your laminate wood floors looking clean and beautiful:


· The best way to keep your laminate wood flooring looking spotless is to vacuum and dust frequently. When there is a lot of dust and dirt on your floor, over time it will scratch away the finished on the laminate wood flooring and cause it to look dull and worn. Every couple of days give the floor a quick sweep or a vacuum so that you get rid of the dirt and debris.

· Whenever you mop your laminate flooring, clean up any dried on stains such as mud or food. If you don't do this, the mop will merely soften these substances and then spread them around your floor. This will scratch the finish and embed the dirt into the spots between your floorboards.

· You don't need any fancy cleaners to properly maintain your laminate wood flooring; all you need is simple vinegar from your kitchen. Dilute one half cup of white vinegar into a bucket of hot water. The vinegar is a great natural deodorizer and sanitizer and will leave your room smelling fresh. It is also a lot easier on the environment than using a harsh chemical cleanser.

· Always mop the floor in the direction of the planks. Rinse your mop frequently so that you are not dragging the dirt along the floor.

· Try not to leave a lot of sitting water on the floor when you finish cleaning. If there is a low of water, wipe it up with a soft towel and then let it air dry for at least a full hour before you walk on it.

· You do not need to apply any floor wax to your laminate flooring, and doing so will result in a dull build up on the surface of the floor.

· When you move furniture out of the way to clean underneath it, make sure that you lift it rather than drag it so that you don't scratch the floor.

Keep your laminate wood-flooring clean and it will look beautiful and brand new for many years to come. 

 Have you recently installed laminate wood flooring, but are not sure of exactly how you should clean it? Here are some of the appropriate cleaning techniques for laminate flooring to keep it looking its best. For more info, visit this webpage

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 How to choose logo shirts


 The idea for brand promotion determines the choice. If the body wear is meant to be given away then inexpensive shirts which can be procured in large numbers should be considered. If they are to be worn for promotion during events where a select crowd is expected to gather, then more expensive apparel can be thought of. A reputed seller will stock all range of colors in either silk or polyester with flat knit collars with matching buttons with or without pockets. The choice of long or short sleeve would depend on the wearers and the events. If you are ready with the logo, the budget and your promotional objectives then narrowing down on shirts easier.If you are interested, take a look at Work shirts.  

 Using Embroidered Shirts for branding 

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 Finding a reputed manufacturer 

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