Now that the holiday season is upon us, a lot of you guys will be meeting your adult dating partner's family for the first time. From huge gatherings to casual dinners with the immediate family, here are a few essential tips on how to establish a good first impression, regardless of the situation. · Go for a classic style It may be perfectly acceptable to have Thanksgiving dinner in your folks' place prancing around in sweats, but no father wants to think his darling daughter is adult dating a bum. If you want to know more, go to Family survival. Go for a classic style, which means no sweats and graphic t-shirts. Denims and a sports jacket work everywhere. Always be clean-shaven from the neck up even if she likes the scruff, and spray on cologne so you can smell good when giving out warm hugs. · Don't show up empty handed My mom always told me, -œNever show up at a dinner party empty handed-”especially during the holidays. So, for her mom, try giving a special dish or dessert, and have a nice story behind it. It may be an old family recipe handed down from generations, or something that came from this nice little Italian pastry shop you just discovered. · Jump on the campaign trail Of course, you know that your job here is let the whole family think you're a good guy. In this regard, remember to shake hands, kiss those babies and the grannies. Always keep in mind that moms like a sweetheart and dads approve of a gentleman. Make sure you be both. · Have something to say This is not the right time to be shy or just sit in one corner. Join in on conversations and have your own stories to add. Just leave out the story about your frat brother, Skid Mark, who could drown a can of beer then immediately smash the empty can on his forehead. · Always offer to lend a hand Women's work: These are the two words that shall not, under any circumstances, be uttered while you're there. Early on, ask if you can help around, especially in the kitchen. When dinner is done, offer to help wash and dry the dishes and take out the trash. It is more likely for them to say no, in which case you can move on to the living room to mingle with the dad and uncles.  For more info, visit this website

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