As far as the internet goes, there are tons of awesome free girl games out there to choose from. The problem is which ones are the best and most fun to choose from? After all, you want something that is both fun and doesn't cost anything to play! Here is an extensive list of some of the coolest games that you can start playing right now. Check them out! 

 Cafe World 


 With Cafe World, many girls love playing it so much because it feels like you are actually managing your very own cafe! Within this game, you start off by choosing from dozens of dishes in which you can slice, chop, and cook! Every time one of these tasks is done, your skill level is increased as a cafe owner and you can compete with your friends to see who can achieve the highest ranking. Along with competing with your friends, you can also visit their cafes to earn even more points. Now let's talk about how the game actually works. First off, you start by building up a cafe yourself and can design a couple of little things like the wallpaper and where different things go. Soon enough, customers will start to fill up your restaurant. Your role is to act as both a cook and waitress meaning that when customers arrive, you will click to take their orders and then click to cook their food. The tough part starts to come up when there are tons of people inside of your cafe. At this point, you will be taking multiple orders at once and figuring when to cook different types of food. The other challenging factor is that there are only a certain amount of stoves on which you can cook food! 

 Customization within this game is actually really fun. You can change your avatar to look exactly like you and the entire world that you play in is in 3D. If you want to gain additional points, you can join your friends to play along as well. By doing so, you can go to their cafe and eat to gain points and they can also come and visit your place. Cafe World is super-duper fun. Try it now!  If you want to know more, take a look at cool video games.

 Dream Dresses - Live Out the Dream of Having Your Own Dress Shop 

 Most girls will always have a dream to one day run their own dress shop. With Dream Dresses, you can feel one step closer to making that dream a reality. Dream Dresses is a store and management game where you gather up various dress materials, use them to make dresses, and then sell those dresses to your customers. Different types of garments include wedding dresses and ball gowns. Sometimes, in order to make a certain type of dress, you may have to play a fun little mini game where you trace out a pattern. It's all in good fun. For any girl that wants to have some fun running their own dress shop, Dream Dress is a cool game to play! 

 What is there to do now? 

 Both of the extremely fun and cool free girl games listed above will have you busy for hours. With Cafe World, you actually feel like you're running your very own cafe and can even eat at your friends' cafes as well. With Dream Dresses, you can feel like you actually own a dress shop, as you make and sell dresses to your customers. Both of these games are very fun for any girl and can be entertaining for hours! For more info, visit this webpage.  

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